CAMERON MC-II Flow Analyzer

NUFLO MC-II Flow Analyzer is available in the NUFLO or BARTON ® liquid or gas turbines inputs, with separate, constant digital flow rate displays and accumulated Flow Meters. Due to its low current consumption of liquid crystal screens and CMOS microprocessor circuits, years of reliable battery life results can be achieved.

CAMERON MC-II Flow Analyzer Specifications

In any desired volumetric unit the totalizer measurements can be made, and the flow rate can be measured in units per second, minute, hour or day. Rate and total is calibrated with the MC-II front keyboard quickly and easily. The tool is suitable for indoor installation and requires no additional climate protection. The system can be mounted or connected independently directly to the turbine meter. The unit can be installed or connected independently directly to the turbine meter. The NuFlo MC-II Flux-Analyzer is coupled with a turbine flux meter to accurately display the flow volume and fluid flow rate in a battery powered tool that is simple to use. The MC-II microprocessor circuitry counts the pulse generated by the flux meter, converts data to volume and rate values by calibration setting and displays the total data on two six digit LCDs.

The top LCD displays the full fluid quantity, while the top LCD displays the rate of flux. No internal adjustment potentiometers, jumpers or switches are available for the MC-II. When the associated flow meter calibration factor is provided, the MC-II automatically calculates the divisor for applications which rely on standard engineering units.  By simply pressing the keypad key or restarting the full display, you can save amounts in non-volatile memory. Password safety prevents illegal employees from altering or accumulating tool volume data. You can activate or disable the security feature with the keyboard.